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OHMOOGIRL web production and design is a small freelancing website management business owned and operated by Lorrie No since October 2015.

About me

I enjoy freelancing as a website manager. It’s been a passion of mine since my first touch on web projects in 1999 with Sony Electronics. I gained my experience through working a variety of corporate job positions in direct marketing, web development, and web production.

I began creating websites with,, and After years of utilizing these website builder interfaces, I realized I wanted to have more control of the website structure, look and feel, and layout.

Now I build websites with wordpress and prebuilt themes for the structure. I create the pages of the website using my creative eye and different pieces of predesigned templates. I make adjustments and changes to the templates, often times creating a whole new layout for the content on the page.

current projects

Past Projects

  • Premiere Dental Hawaii
  • Hawaii Gold Buyers
  • Jenn Kim


  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • E! Entertainment Network
  • Nextmeta
  • Philips Semiconductors
  • Sony Electronics

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